Police Department


James Small, Public Safety Director.  262-495-4200. Email: [email protected]

Jill Hoard, Adm. Secretary.  262-495-4200.  Email: [email protected]

FAX: 262-495-2519


 You can now pay Village fees with a credit or debit card or use your checking or savings info. to pay electronically.
Simply call 262-495-8316 or stop at the Village Clerk's Office to pay Village fees via electronic funds.


Reminder from Palmyra Police Department that bicycles and skateboards are not permitted on the sidewalks along W. Main Street between 1st and 4th Street.

No motorized scooters on any sidewalks. Click here for flyer on motorized scooters.

Residents Be Aware!! The Police Dept. Is Seeing an Increase of Burglaries Due to Residence Leaving Their Doors Unlocked. Please Lock Your Doors and Windows and Also Your Vehicle Doors.

Click here for more information.

The Police Dept. now has a drug drop box available Mondays & Thursdays from 9 am - 3 pm
Drug Drop box information

The Palmyra Police Department has moved in with Palmyra Fire & Rescue at 126 N. First Street.

For Police Emergencies, Call 911

Law enforcement services in the Village are provided by a department consisting of the Police Chief, James Small and full-time officers augmented when necessary by part-time officers.  The Police Station is located next to the Village Hall at 126 N. First Street and is normally open Monday thought Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Phone calls for non-emergency police business are answered at (262) 495-4200. During  evenings and weekends, calls to this number are routed to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department which then dispatches Palmyra Police Officers to respond to the situation. To leave a message you can call (262) 495-4200.

Bicycle Licenses - A license is required in the Village and can be obtained at the Police Department at a cost of $5.00 for the life of the bike.  If you are a town resident who rides their bike in the Village, you can obtain a license also.  A license aids greatly in the case of a theft.

Attention Business owners and Residents:

The Palmyra Police Department has received numerous complaints of thefts from unlocked vehicles while vehicles have been parked at local business's.  Purses and wallets with debit/credit cards and check books have been taken and used at other businesses in the area.  We are investigating  to identify the suspect(s) but at this time, can not release any information.

Please help us to stop the thefts by asking your customers when they come into your establishments, if their vehicles are locked.  Please also ask for identification of anyone using a credit card, debit card and or passing a check.  If the name on the check or card does not match the identification, please call the Palmyra PD at (262) 495-4200 so we determine if the subject is an authorized user.  Please take these steps to help us in protecting your customers and our citizens.

Sgt. Penny LePak, PPD