Frequently Asked Questions

Do I live in the Village or Town of Palmyra?

If your address starts with a number, you are a Village Resident.  If your address starts with a letter such as W, S, E, or N, then you are a Town Resident.  The Village is the "city" and the Town in the outlaying area.  To reach the Town Clerk, Bill May, please call (262) 495-2049.

Click Here for a complete list of Town of Palmyra Supervisors contact Info.

My Water Bill went way up, why?

You may have a leak, a leak that you aren't aware of.  Go to our Water Utility tab and it will explain how you can check for a leak yourself.  Even the smallest drip can add up to thousands of gals. of water over 3 months!

How often do water bills go out?

You will receive a water bill every 3 months, typically Dec., March, June, Oct

How can I pay my water bill?

You can pay at the Village Hall during regular office hours, Palmyra State Bank takes payments, by mail, put payment in our drop box, or go to our home tab and click on the green box that says "pay utility on line" to pay electronically using your checking account or credit card

Who do I call about my utilities when I'm moving?

For local gas & electric you contact WE Energies, local cable is Charter Communications, and local water & sewer department is the Village Hall at (262) 495-8316.  You have to let us know when you're moving so we can take your name off of the bill and put it in the new owners name.  All of these numbers can be found on the Community Resources Tab of our website.

There is a street light out that I would like to report, who do I contact?

You can go to this website and easily report and outage or other problems.

Do I have to licence my dog/cat?

Yes. The Village has an ordinance that requires ALL pets to be licensed.  Before we can issue you a license you need to supply a copy of the pets rabies information. Go to our Forms & Permits tab for a copy of the license application.

I would like information on a piece of property, who do I contact?

You can go to our links tab and click on Jefferson County, go to their land information section or you can contact the local assessor for the Village if the property is within the Village.  That number is on on the Community Resources tab of our website.

I would like information on how my real estate assessment and taxes are figured?

Go  to the links page of our website and click on Guide to Property Owners and also Dept. of Revenue link.  These sites should help answer your questions.

I want to talk to the Assessor about my property assessment, who do I call?

Call Associated Appraisal at 1-800-721-4157

How do I know if the Village Park is available to rent?

Call the Village Hall at (262) 495-8316

Should I call the water deparment before I fill my swimming pool?

YES!  This way you will be billed for the water only, not for any sewer charges. Call 495-4106.

When is the yardwaste site open?

1st Sat. of the month April-Nov. from 8 am to noon at 430 Jefferson St.

When does the Village Board meet?

The 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month at 7 pm at the Village Hall, 100 W. Taft St.

When does the Municipal Court meet?

The 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 7 pm at 100 W. Taft St.

How Do I register to vote?

Go to the Voter & Election tab to the left and you will find all of the information you need regarding registering to vote and elections.

I want to do some minor remodeling, put up a fence, do roof repair. Do I need a building permit?

For all building related questions please call John Moosereiner at (262) 490-0277

How is my property zoned and what is allowed in that zoning area?

Call the Building Inspector John Moosereiner at (262) 490-0277

Can I pay Village fees with my credit, debit, or checking account?

You can now pay Village fees with a credit or debit card or use your checking or savings info. to pay electronically.
Simply call 262-495-8316 or stop at the Village Clerk's Office to pay Village fees via electronic funds. Click on the following link to go directly to the online payment screen.