Forms & Permits

Pet Licensing Info

2016 Dog & Cat Licenses will be available the 2nd week of Dec. 2015.  Remember to license your pets so you don't get a $5 late fee or possibly a citation from the Police Dept.

Pets must be licensed by March 31, 2016 to avoid a late fee.

March 31st is the last day to register your pets (Cats & Dogs) before a late fee will be assessed and a possible citation issued by the Police Dept.

Cats at large will no longer be picked up by the Village Police Dept.  Homeowners can trap and find placement for them or you can contact animal control companies withing this area.

Dog & Cat License Form and Fees

Pick Up Your Dog Poop!!!!

When you are walking your dog it is your responsibility to clean up after it! There have been complaints made to the Village Office about excrement left around the Village. There are Village Ordinances in place regarding this and no one else should have to clean up your mess. This has gotten out of hand!

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND RESPONSIBLE when walking your pet. Clean up and dispose of their waste properly.

Info on Village Ordinances regarding licensing, leashing, barking, etc. of pets.